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In the current context of constantly changing Transport legislation and in all its diversity, you need legal assistance from our Company to create an effective business.

We possess wide knowledge in the field of transport law and judicial practice, we easily find skillful practical application.Our considerable practical experience in the process of working with the company's clients, our lawyers will provide you with the following comprehensive legal assistance in such matters as:

  • One-time consultation on issues related to the transport law violation;
  • Subscriber legal services for the activities of the transport market entities;
  • Consultation on the issues of transportation, taxation and customs clearance (transport consulting);
  • Consultation on the legal aspects of creation, organization and activity of freight forwarding companies, and the own vehicle fleet of enterprises;
  • Analysis, development, preparation of contracts (contractual law);
  • Administrative sanctions;
  • Reclamation/Preparation and submission of claim letters to the counterparty;
  • Representation of interests of organizations in judicial and other state bodies on transport disputes;
  • Disputes on the recovery of a penalty from the carrier for late delivery of cargoes;
  • Disputes between the carrier and the consignor (consignee) regarding the conclusion and execution of long-term contracts on the organization of transportation in the systematic implementation of cargo transportation, agreements on the carrier’s participation in checking the condition of goods, their mass, and number of places in case of proper transportation;
  • Disputes related to the carrier’s liability for the non-safety of the goods;
  • Disputes related to the fines for non-compliance with the cargo transportation order accepted by the carrier;
  • Consultation on transport insurance (cargo, liability, and etc.);
  • Consultation on loading and unloading, packaging and packing;
  • Appeal of a court decision in a higher instance;
  • Provision of legal assistance at the stage of enforcement proceedings when collecting property from the debtor, as well as taking measures to impose arrest on the property of the debtor in order to collect the debt;
  • Logistics /Warehousing, storage (warehouse logistics)

Corporate Lawyer Law Firm will  protect your interests in resolving disputes in judicial and other state bodies on transport disputes for the following types of transportation:

  • Land and railway transport;
  • Air transport;
  • Multimodal transport (combined transportation);
  • Transportation of special cargoes: hazardous, super-sized, and perishable goods;
  • Appeal against actions (inaction) and decisions of state bodies in the field of transport and logistics;
  • Transit / transportation;
  • Trucking (passengers, or cargoes).