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Due to the fact that compliance with labor laws in the company and the correct preparation of personnel documentation is an important component of the company's business reputation. The legal services in labor law and labor disputes for legal entities are very crucial.

The Corporate Lawyer Law Firm, having considerable practical experience gained in the process of successful practice of consulting on labor law, labor protection and labor dispute resolution, provides its services, as well as legal support to organizations in the field of labor law as well. Lawyers of our company will:

  • Advise you on labor law issues;
  • Advise you on issues related to penalties and financial responsibility of the worker;
  • Advise you on drafting of employment contracts and collective employment agreements;
  • Advise you on the issue of employment and obtaining work permits for foreign citizens;
  • Prepare labor contracts draft and supplement agreements;
  • Develop collective employment agreements;
  • Develop rules of internal labor regulations;
  • Develop a package of documents for reduction of the number of workers;
  • Develop job descriptions and other documents related to labor relations;
  • Perform development for a specific organization: regulation of job responsibilities, remuneration of labor, draft regulations on bonus awards, disciplinary and material liability, and other local regulations;
  • Represent interests and solicitation of clients’ cases on labor law issues.
  • Undertake work to negotiate on reconciliation and compromise in case of labor disputes.