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Today there is no such organizational-legal form that, having entered into a commitment relationship, both in business and in everyday life, has not encountered a contract.

Of course, the legislation of our country provides such ways of negotiations as verbal arrangement, arrangement by telephone or other means of communication, but it will be virtually impossible to prove one’s case in court if the written form of the contract is not followed.

What do you need to understand when entering into a contract?

First of all, the goal should be presented where the agreement between the parties is the means of its achievement.

It is important to understand the nuances associated with the drafting and implementation of the contract, clearly distinguish between the rights and obligations of the parties, precisely regulate the relations between the parties, and provide for all possible risks.

Unfortunately, one of the mistakes of contractual relations between partners is that the Parties use template texts taken from dubious sources.

Such an approach to the execution of a contract can lead to undesirable consequences for one of the parties, and as a result, can lead to significant material damage.

Legal advice, well-conducted negotiations, a properly drafted contract, and a qualified specialist of the Corporate Lawyer Law Firm in the field of contractual law will help to avoid legal consequences.

Corporate Lawyer Law Firm has been operating in the legal services market for 10 years, and has extensive experience in providing services in the field of contractual law, which allows us to draw up contracts of varying degrees of complexity, regardless of the scope of the Client’s activities, that are able to maximally protect the interests of our Client.

The importance of contractual law today is rather significant, and our Company will help you to be confident in the successful conduct of your business, professionally providing quality legal services to organizations and individuals in the field of contractual law:

  • Consultation on the conclusion, execution, modification and termination of various types of contracts;
  • Preparation of draft contracts with a set of related documents (acts, agreements, specifications, and etc.);
  • Preparation of preliminary and supplement contracts;
  • Legal services for the settlement of disputes and disagreements in the conclusion, execution, modification and termination of various types of contracts, including the development of projects and representation of clients in negotiations on their conclusion and  notarial support of contracts execution;
  • Legal due diligence and preparation of recommendations for the elimination or minimization of legal and other risks associated with the conclusion and execution of contracts;
  • Legal analysis of existing contracts in terms of their compliance with legislation and business style standards;
  • Preparation and carrying out of actions for termination of contracts, including in a judicial order.

We approach each client individually, we optimize taxes, and we bring the terms of the contract into compliance with the business processes of the parties to the contract. We provide guidance for the parties in order to properly execute the contract.

The cost of services for drafting and development of contracts, agreements and treaties depends on the degree of complexity of the work performed.