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Our company offers you a full range of legal services for legal support of your company business activities on any legal issues.

Corporate Lawyer outsourcing is a comprehensive legal service for your company, carried out on the basis of services provision agreement made between us based on your individual needs, both at any one time and on an ongoing basis.

Specializing in complex legal services for 10 years, the Corporate Lawyer company has extensive experience in supporting the activities of legal entities of various economic branches on a contractual basis.

Our experts will help you to calculate all legal risks in advance, from civil law related to obligations between counterparties in transactions, to possible risks of violation of legislation entailing administrative, tax and criminal liability, which provides you with legal information necessary for your business, and will protect your business from unplanned costs, and problems with the law, reduce the costs of maintaining the own staff of professional lawyers and costly legal reference information systems, and as well as help to save tome for independent study of legal documents.

Legal outsourcing and its benefits:

  • Concentration on core activities, and improving their quality.
  • Reducing the cost of maintaining its own structure. Whether it is a division or one full-time lawyer, outsourcing is always more profitable.
  • Legal outsourcing is a stable, trouble-free operation, without vacations, sick leave and time off. * Better legal services: subscription service allows you to attract high-class lawyers. Ability to use the best experience.
  • Comprehensively competent service, as the outsourcing company provides specialists in any field of jurisprudence.
  • The outsourcing company provides a package of services by the customer’s choice. The tariff is adjusted in accordance with the individual needs of the client.
  • Getting the turnkey result.

Find out more about the legal outsourcing services contacting us by phone: +996 (701) 54 58 71 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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