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Liquidation of a legal entity is a procedure for the termination of the organization, regulated by the civil legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The result of the liquidation of a legal entity becomes its termination without the transfer of duties and rights in the order of succession to other persons.

Due to various reasons, the activities of a legal entity may be terminated in several ways. Liquidation of a legal entity may voluntary or compulsory:

  • The voluntary liquidation of a legal entity is initiated by the participant himself, or by another body of the legal entity whose competence includes making such decisions; it occurs without judicial intermediation upon the mutual consent of the enterprise and creditors.

  • Involuntary liquidation of a legal entity is a procedure that is carried out upon the relevant judicial decision.

If you have decided to liquidate a legal entity, regardless form of its ownership, you need to properly execute the entire liquidation process of the organization.

It is the exact reason why businessmen entrust liquidation actions to specialized companies that provide legal entity liquidation services.

Lawyers of our Company have many years of practical experience in liquidating of the legal entities and will professionally analyse your situation directly and offer the right option for liquidation procedure execution.

The liquidation of a legal entity is a complex process, requiring a significant amount of time and money, which can only be saved due to practical experience, knowledge of the legislation and the specifics of state bodies operation.

In case of liquidation, it is necessary to undergo mandatory verification by the tax authorities and the social fund authorities, and upon completion of all procedures, to generate a package of documents for the justice authority, which will also carry out expert review of the submitted documents.

Invalid actions at liquidation of a legal entity with debts or in the presence of disputes with counterparties or authorities may result in lawsuits from the said persons for restoration of organization and bringing the manager and the liquidator to subsidiary liability for the debts of the liquidated legal entity.