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All legal entities established in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic are subject to the state registration, regardless of the purpose of their creation, the type and nature of their activities, and the composition of participants (members).  Before setting up in any private business it is very important to clarify and clearly define the choice of the legal entity state registration form. The legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic provides for several legal forms of registration of a legal entity. Our company will help you to decide upon the choice of the legal form.

Registration of legal entities is carried out by filing a package of necessary documents to the bodies of the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic and paying the state fees. The Certificate of registration of the legal entity is issued according to the result of expert review of the submitted documents.
The following are the steps to register the legal entity:

  • Checking the name of the legal entity for uniqueness;
  • Development of constituent documents;
  • Registration with justice authorities;
  • Payment of state fee;
  • Registration with tax authorities;
  • Registration in the social fund;
  • Production of the corporate seal;
  • Opening a current account in a bank.

We prepare a complete package of documents in the shortest possible time, and register a legal entity in all necessary authorities.
Our company provides complete services for the registration of legal entities.

By contacting us, you will always receive a free basic consultation, which will help you determine the optimal form for your business and other issues relating to the planned activities of your company.

  • Consultations on the conclusion of an office lease agreement;
  • Personnel employment advice;
  • Conclusion of labor agreements.