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If a legal entity has debts to creditors, and there is no opportunity to pay off these debts, it is a question of bankruptcy. The bankruptcy of a legal entity can be both compulsory and voluntary.  Liquidation of a legal entity takes place in a judicial proceeding.  The bankruptcy of a legal entity actually means that the court recognizes the company as insolvent, and therefore, not having the opportunity to respond in the required amount under all the obligations assumed. It is more rational for a legal entity to use the services of experienced lawyers in the event of bankruptcy.

Lawyers of the Corporate Lawyer Law Firm, having many years of practical experience in settling procedures such as bankruptcy of a legal entity, will help clients to receive comprehensive support and all possible assistance at all stages of the bankruptcy procedure, starting from the developed plan of measures and paperwork execution until the last debt execution by building a successful strategy.

Perfectly operating with the provisions of the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, we will help to defend the interests of the client, implementing the plan for the bankrupt company from the current situation with minimum losses.