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Representing the interests of our clients related to presentation in all judicial authorities is one of the activities of our company.

Over the years of judicial practice, we have accumulated considerable experience in the field of resolving litigations in the most diverse categories of cases.

In accordance with the law, lawyers  of the Corporate Lawyer Law Firm successfully represent the interests of your company in various categories of cases:

  • Corporate and Commercial Disputes;
  • Labor disputes;
  • Disputes in the field of insurance;
  • Property disputes;
  • Consideration of all types of disputes over intellectual property rights;
  • Tax disputes;
  • Customs disputes;
  • Disputes on business reputation protection;
  • Banking disputes;
  • Disputes related to construction and architecture;
  • Insolvency / bankruptcy;
  • Appeal of administrative bodies decisions on bringing to administrative responsibility.

Lawyers of Corporate Lawyer Law Firm will protect the interests of your company in court, and as well at the separate stages: in the first, appeal, and cassation instances, and throughout the entire legal process, from filing a claim to making a court decision/resolution, and/or appeal to it.

Based on an agreement between us for the services provision, the Corporate Lawyer Law Firm lawyers, acting as your representative, carry out the following stages of work:

  • Meeting with a client. Providing legal advice (at all stages of the legal proceedings);
  • Provides a realistic assessment of the prospects for the trial of a case, taking into account current legislation and judicial practice;
  • Conclusion of a contract for services provision of;
  • Legal analysis of the documents submitted by you;
  • Provide you with the protection of disputed or violated rights, freedoms and legitimate interests;
  • Provide pretrial dispute resolution (preparation and submission of claim letters to the counterparty);
  • Develop and form the legal position of solicitation;
  • Prepare and file a claim/petition, as well as other documents necessary for the judicial protection of the client's interests of a procedural nature;
  • Take provisional measures (by appealing to the court with a petition to seize the property of the other party, prohibiting the party from performing any actions, etc.)
  • Will assist you in the exercising of procedural rights and procedural obligations;
  • Direct participation of the representative in the proceedings at all stages;
  • Prepare and enter into a settlement agreement;
  • Directly participate in the appeal of judicial acts;
  • Render services in representing your interests at the stage of execution of the court decision;
  • Represent your interests before the court bailiffs at the stage of execution of court decisions, while collecting property from the debtor, and  also take measures to impose arrest on the property of the debtor in order to collect the debt.

Upon your request, the lawyer of the Corporate Lawyer Law Firm offers you various ways to resolve disputes between partners and counterparties; this is not only representation in court and pre-trial regulation, but also, if necessary, out-of-court settlement by means of an amicable settlement. It gives the following advantages:

  • Reduction of the cost of representatives services;
  • Ability to preserve the company's relationship with its partners.

Representation in the courts is a rather complicated, painstaking activity, requiring serious experience.

To resolve all issues in court, we recommend you to contact our company - here you will get decent legal support.